About us

Culotte’s ambition is to create effortless clothing suitable for wear all day and night.

With our underwear and basic wear, we aim to redefine comfortability and sexiness.


Founded in Stockholm and Paris with a passion about understanding and meeting every woman's needs, without making any compromises.


Culotte does not believe in mass production and fast fashion, that is why we produce our items ethically in Portugal with a guaranteed quality assurance.





Culotte garments are made of lyocell, a sustainable alternative to other standard materials.

Culotte does not believe in mass production – we maintain a low, environmentally friendly, and personal stock.

Culotte packaging is comprised of recyclable materials only.

Culotte produces its garments in Europe only. 


Culotte ♥ Lyocell

All Culotte garments are crafted from lyocell. Lyocell is a semi-synthetic fabric that is commonly used as a substitute for cotton or silk. The fabric is a form of rayon, composed primarily of cellulose derived from wood. Lyocell has the potential to use less than half as much water as cotton during production. Further benefits of lyocell include:

1. Anti-shrinking. Processed to save wearers from shrinking the material.

2. Soft to the touch. Carefully and particularly processed, the fabric is softer, smoother, and nicer to your skin compared to other common alternatives.

3. Moisture absorption. The ability to dry quicker and wrinkle-free compared to alternative fabrics, such as cotton.

4. Anti-mildewing. A unique fabric with an inherent anti mildew-proof character, helping you save permanent regrets out of your temporary negligence.

5. Body friendly. Your skin’s new best friend. The fabric does not only provide the utmost comfort, but also has an advantageous effect on the parasympathetic nerve, heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen intake post exercise compared to alternatives.



Culotte is produced in a family-owned factory in Portugal, adhering to European laws and policies regarding labor relations practices.

The factory has been producing high-quality basic wear for almost 50 years. The factory has a GRS, GOTS, SA8000, OEKO-TEX standard100, and a blue sign certificate.


Open letter

Bonjour, welcome, and välkommen to CULOTTE.

Founded by Chloé Schuterman and Hedda Kleberg Schweitz, CULOTTE is the perfect storm created by two women passionate about fashion, underwear, comfortability, sexiness, women's health and gender equality. Didn't we tell you? The perfect storm.

The idea came to life through a college thesis discussing intimate garment materials' effect on women's health, which sparked the conversation between our founders on how comfortability and sexiness currently do not go hand-in-hand in the existing industry.

The solution: CULOTTE! The modern corset (without boning of course) crafted from lyocell, accompanied by matching panties. Comfortable, sexy and sustainable.

Remember that perfect storm we talked about? Back to women’s health, gender equality, fashion and feminism in the 21st century. Now, where does it all fit in?...


Culotte Club

Culotte Club is an online platform, where everyone is welcome and included. A platform where visitors can both read and write articles about any topic that comes to mind. A platform with a focus on female empowerment. 

Each week, Culotte Club launches article for its Culotte community.